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Adapted to your business model.

Nowadays, supply chains are more and more complex, involving many companies from around the world.

With that aim for keeping pace, we started our collaboration with IDC Group. They provide a complete set of supply chain solutions that enhance a higher competitive advance, improving the product flow and management.

IDC Group understands the commercial challenges we are facing and develops practical and effective options for us to overcome difficulties and boost our business.

Russia – Sales Manager. National distributor.

A personal insight.
Ways of living.

We are well aware that the bathroom space is an expression of one’s life quality, a place to rest and distend.

For that reason, we love offering to our customers a comprehensive solution where quality and design refine that space. All by providing timeless-design products and the maximum comfort.

Thanks to IDC Group and to their wide range of Infinity products for bathrooms, we’ve managed to fulfil our wishes to influence that wellness oasis, dressing it with style and quality.

Nigeria – Marketing Director. Wholesaling company.

A personal insight.
Product Development

From the initial contact, when we set our first product workshop, we realised how synergistic our companies could be. The product development team of IDC Group responded to one of our major demands: control of the production chain from the first 3D prototype up to the delivery of final product to our dealers, without missing the time to market.

Within 9 months we launched 60 new references, managing to update our product catalogue and widen our distribution net. It has sincerely been an enriching experience, founded on the professional, perfectly coordinated cooperation between the teams of Europe and Asia.

Thailand – Product manager. National wholesaler.

A personal insight.

For us, “savoir-faire” is a cultural thing, a mentality you are born with. And that is why understanding with IDC Group has been complete from the very beginning.

We represent one of the major offline and online distribution chains on the French territory with more than 25 years’ experience. Our products and culture go beyond our boutiques and services, they are a differentiating feature in our DNA to convey in every interaction with customers.

IDC Group has been a strategic partner for our new launches 2019-2020 bringing distinction in designs and a quality-focused vision. All this for us to look into the future with ever growing confidence in our singular hallmark.

France – Sales Manager. National distributor.

A personal insight.

One of the things we have learned after 10 years in the industry and after visiting several international fairs, is that not all manufacturers innovate without losing commercial perspective. For me this was one of the main reasons why we started our collaboration with IDC Group.

The simplicity of its lines, the vanguard design and capacity to combine different tendencies and bring them into the bath sector with a clear focus on the end customer, were the main grounds of our partnership. We started with 2 full concepts after having a good reception on our daily sales and 9 months testing.

It’s with great satisfaction that we currently sell more than 40 references and eagerly await new launches to be presented at KBIS 2019!!

USA – Owner – CEO – Retail business.



“Everything is design, and the quality of the design determines the quality of our lives.” Norman Foster.

Essences Collection.


Elegance Collection.

“Trends disappear, style is timeless.” Yves Saint Laurent.

Elegance Collection.



“What is design? Design is a plan for arranging elements in such a way as best to accomplish a particular purpose.” Charles Eames.

Flow Collection.



“God is in the details.” Mies Van der Rohe.

Elements Collection.



“Everything is designed. Few things are designed well.” Brian Reed.

Hix Collection.


Texture Collection.

“Our work should make people dream.” Gianni Versace.

Texture collection



“Beauty perishes in life is immortal in art.” Leonardo Da Vinci.

Tribeca collection


“Design is not only what you see, but how it works”. Steve Jobs.

Slim Collection


“Form follows function.” Louis Sullivan.

Nöah Collection


“To create, one must first question everything before.” Eileen Gray.

Inclina Collection


“Architecture is the starting point of those who want to take humanity towards a better future.”  Le Corbusier.

Limits Collection

Since the very beginning, Infinity Professional has been a comercial line of products with a clear vocation for design and high quality as distinguishing features.