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IDC Group Company
January 13, 2017

At a time of new beginnings, while starting the new year, we are launching our new website to offer an updated, useful and helpful online environment. The perfect place where our contacts and customers can browse easily, clearly, in a more user-friendly, intuitive way. Step in and enjoy!    

January 4, 2017

Elegance is an attitude, a way of understanding life. With these words we invite you to merge into a world of luxury and enjoy the finest textures and finishes. Elegance Collection of Infinity Bathroom Concepts is founded on refinement and exclusivity thanks to the most innovative materials on the market. Thus creating a unique and […]

December 22, 2016

Flow Collection is the ultimate proof of the “less is more” culture, employing merely simple lines. It is based on pure geometry as a fundamental and differentiating feature. These kinds of pure and architectonic patterns reinforce the design line of Infinity Bathroom Concepts.